Psalm 77:13

The New Century Version of the Holy Bible translates Psalm 77:13 “God, your ways are holy. No god is as great as our God.” Since I am a Christian in the Wesleyan tradition this is the Word of
God for the people of God and it is true and trust worthy. Since God’s ways are holy we are called as believers to obey his commands and teachings and honor him as the one true God. So how hard is that? Since we are bombarded daily with the thoughts and activities of the world our sense of God’s greatness is weakened and we seem to humanize Him, thus making Him weak and irrelevant to a dying world. On a recent evening on the television show “Bones” one of the stars ridiculed all faith practices and especially Christianity. This kind of constant anti Christian diatribe becomes fact to the less discerning people and they are drawn away from the good news of Jesus Christ. “Bones” is not the only program to be trying to lead people away from God but it is a prime example. Lord help us to remain true to you in all we say and do.


About jdajr

Ordained Elder UMC BGS Indiana University MDiv Asbury Theological Seminary DMin United Theological Seminary
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