When Is Discrimination Not Really Discrimination?

Here in Indianapolis, Indiana a group of avowed homosexuals went to a bakery that makes cookies and asked the baker to make some rainbow cookies for an event they were having. The baker responded that it would be against his religion to do so and refused. The group then complained that they were being discriminated against and the manager of the city market says that he will most likely cancel the lease of the bakery for discrimination. He went on to say that he would not tolerate discrimination. Isn’t this an act of discrimination against the religious beliefs of the baker? I think so!


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Ordained Elder UMC BGS Indiana University MDiv Asbury Theological Seminary DMin United Theological Seminary
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One Response to When Is Discrimination Not Really Discrimination?

  1. Rachel Thomas says:

    I agree this is discrimination against the religious beliefs!!! Once again the store owner that pays more taxes than all the homosexuals that would have had a cookie have ever paid is being closed by the government and we wonder why the world is upside-down!!!!

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